Send Emails That Inboxes Love Humanize email marketing the way it should be. Sendsy is a lightweight, conversion-driven email marketing tool SIGNUP FREE FEATURES Targeted, personalized campaigns Smart automation and workflows Behavior-triggered messaging

Send Email Inboxes Will Love You have created the most wonderful thing this planet will ever see. But the world does not know of it…yet. We’ll help you and your products or services reach the world 10,000 emails at a time.

Email marketing? Do it light (and right) with Sendsy


Grow conversion, not just another e-mail list. Optimized results for every campaign. Sendsy has all the necessary tools to build campaigns, keep track of efforts, optimize conversion and deliver better profit. It supports all major email clients so messages don’t risk of getting into Spam or Junk folders.


Today’s consumers love emails that are visually compelling. Sendsy emails are beautiful across devices. Shine on with modern, flexible and sleek templates. Everything’s drag-and-drop. Choose a template, customized as much as you like. Build from a single column or choose a 3:1:3. Get creative. Imagination is the limit.


Zero frills. Put email marketing in one place. The Sendsy Dashboard offers a 360-degree view of everything. It displays a snapshot of campaigns, performance, list, summaries, and access to Sendsy’s rich features and tools. Important metrics such as open rates, click-through rates and growth are also centralized.



Simplified dashboard to view important data and track activities. Access all Sendsy features in one place.


View campaign growth and analyze to optimize for better conversion. Keep track of crucial metrics and data.


Drag and drop campaign builder. Modify templates, texts, colors, fonts, styles, buttons and others.


Send the right email, to the right people at the right time with Sendsy’s intelligent behavior-based triggers for better engagement.


Forget about bulk marketing. Slice and dice your list wisely. Sendsy is dedicated to send messages that resonate to readers.


Gorgeous templates designed for campaign and brand flexibility. Web-ready, responsive themes.


Your marketing genius plus Sendsy equals better conversion and profit. Easy-to-use tools and features.


Have questions? Ran into trouble? Don’t know how to get started? We’re here 24/7 x 365.

Why Sendsy We built Sendsy to be lightweight, easy-to-use and yet super powerful even for the biggest email marketing campaigns.

You’re missing something. We’ve all had a go at creating the most wonderful email newsletter created by man. We used different tools to get it done. Your client loved how it looked. But it never seemed to reach enough people.

  • Simple to use
  • Beautiful templates
  • Powerful metrics and insights

Frequently Ask Questions We answer your hottest questions before you even ask them

Yes, Sendsy allows you to upload or download your email list. Use a CSV file to import. A more advanced feature of Sendsy lets you slice and dice your list with smart segmentation.
Even permission-based email marketing can get caught by spam filters. And although we created Sendsy to be compliant, certain redundant marketing actions trigger risks. Checkout the Kissmetric’s guide to avoid the risk of being tagged as a spammer.
The Sendsy team promises responsive customer service support. Email and phone support are available Mondays – Saturdays. We usually reply within the first 12 hours.
We take security seriously. We use innovative physical and cloud infrastructure to ensure no threats can harm your data. We also make sure to use the best practices in our HQ to avoid any compromises.
Sendsy’s biggest premium plan is our “Professional” package. For larger scale campaigns that require more than 1 million emails each month and have more than 250 000 people on the list, contact us for a free upgrade consultation.
Absolutely! Contact us for upgrade assistance.

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